Tinned Tomatoes - Wholesale Canned Plum Tomatoes

At Benfell we pride ourselves on supplying the finest wholesale tinned tomatoes and other canned food products, including baked beans, tinned tuna and corned beef. If you run a cafe, restaurant, fast food stall, on-site canteen or any other type of catering operation in the South East and are looking for a reliable wholesale supplier of quality plum tomatoes and Italian chopped tomatoes, Benfell can help.

Tomatoes have gained a bit of an unfair rap over the years and have been lumped in with vegetables, but as we all know, they are in actual fact a delicious fruit. Used as an ingredient in so many different dishes, tomatoes are a truly versatile fruit, used in many sauces, as a key ingredient of bolognaise, as a part of breakfast and more.

Here you'll find the different types of wholesale tinned tomatoes that we offer at Benfell. If you would like to find out more about pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us.