Frozen Sausages - Wholesale Pork & Vegetarian Sausages

Sausages, both pork and vegetarian, have been a staple of the full English breakfast for many years and go perfectly with eggs, bacon, tomatoes and black pudding. But sausages don't just stop at breakfast; they're used in a number of different cuisines, including pies, with mash potatoes and a whole host of other popular dishes making them a vital ingredient for any caterer to have available to their diners. Whether you are a catering company in search of wholesale pork sausages or a restaurant looking for a reliable supplier of vegetarian sausages, Benfell is the obvious choice. We have been supplying our quality savaloys and Cumberland, Lincolnshire and vegetarian sausages to businesses throughout the South East for over 40 years, and as the leading sausage distributors and suppliers in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, Benfell is a name you can rely on.

Here you'll find the selection of sausages that we offer at Benfell, if you would like to find out more about pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us.