Disposable Cups & Lids

For many catering companies, having a reliable supply of disposable cups and lids is essential to their business. Whether you offer hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate, or provide your customers with refreshing soft drinks, being able to provide your beverages in a sturdy foam cup with a secure lid is a vital part of your service. Benfell have been distributing wholesale disposable cups and lids to restaurants, cafes, fast food stalls and many other types of catering companies throughout Sussex for years, so if you are looking for a reliable supplier of foam cups with lids, look no further than Benfell.

Here you'll find the selection of cups and lids that we offer at Benfell, if you would like to find out more about pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We also offer many types of wholesale food packaging, including foam takeaway boxes, cardboard boxes and plastic salad containers, as well as foil and cling film.