Wholesale Cheese - Cheese Slices, Blocks & Grated Cheese

Benfell have been a wholesale cheese supplier for Sussex and Kent for over 30 years, supplying delicious wholesale cheese to burger vans, hot dog stalls, restaurants and cafes. We offer a selection of wholesale cheeses, including blocks of mild cheddar and cheese slices, as well as Stilton, Brie, Feta and goat's cheese.

Wholesale Cheese Supplier

Britain is a nation of cheese lovers, so getting the right cheese and having a dependable source is a big deal. Whether being mashed into a jacket potato, layered on a sizzling burger or tossed into a fresh salad, everyone appreciates the strong flavour of British cheeses such as cheddar or stilton, the creaminess of a smooth French Brie, or the slightly salty taste of Feta. Whatever type of food you provide, make sure you find the right cheese distributor or supplier in Kent and Sussex to provide for your business.

High Standards of Service

Benfell pride themselves on the quality of the cheese we provide, the prices we can offer you, and the punctuality of our deliveries. We take extra special care in the storage of our wholesale cheese products to ensure that when the product arrives there has been no loss of quality. This is particularly important with cheese, a dairy product that quickly deteriorates if not kept at the right temperature. Benfell's fleet of temperature controlled vehicles ensures that these products remain at their utmost quality, avoiding degradation and maintaining their flavour, texture, and structure.

Contact Benfell

If you have more questions about Benfell's cheese distributor service, or wish to make an order, please talk to one of our friendly advisors by calling us on 01273 833641!

Other speciality cheeses available upon request