Canned Products - Wholesale Peas, Carrots & Sweetcorn

For years canning foods has been a popular and reliable way to store food safely over a long period of time, and we still rely on these methods now. For caterers who use large volumes of ingredients tinned fruit and vegetables are a great way to keep large quantities of a given ingredient without having to worry about short expiry dates. Our great range of quality wholesale canned foods, includes sweetcorn, garden peas, carrots, sliced apples and chilli con carne. We are always looking to add more tinned food products to our range, so if you need a particular canned food product that is not listed below, please let us know.

Here you'll find the selection of canned peas, carrots, sweetcorn and more that we offer at Benfell, if you would like to find out more about pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us.