Wholesale Frozen Beefburgers & Chicken Burgers

Burgers have always carried a certain air of 1950s Americana about them, and for good reason. The 50s saw the rise of fast food across the Atlantic, and sure enough the craze took over in the UK. In recent years the humble burger has seen something of a renaissance with the increase in the popularity of the gastropub and speciality burgers becoming more widespread. Having some sort of burger on the menu is becoming vital to many caterers, as well as the traditional chips and condiments. At Benfell we pride ourselves on the quality of our wholesale burgers. From juicy 6oz beef burgers to delicious chicken burgers, we supply the best burgers in the South East. If you are a fast food establishment, catering business, hotel or restaurant looking for a reliable and established wholesale frozen burger supplier, look no further.

Here you'll find the selection of burgers that we offer at Benfell, if you would like to find out more about pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to contact us..