Wholesale Bacon - Quality Smoked and Unsmoked Rindless Back Bacon

A staple of the full English breakfast for centuries, Benfell are a wholesale bacon supplier in Sussex. Making for the perfect bedfellow to eggs, tomatoes, sausages, and black pudding, the recent boom in 'breakfast for dinner' cuisine has made it a popular meal throughout the day. The exceedingly popular cut of pork extends beyond English cuisine, making it a must for any caterer to have available for their diners. Featuring prominently in British, Italian, American, and Japanese cuisines, bacon of all varieties adds impactful flavour to a dish.

Benfell distribute the two main varieties of bacon - unsmoked (or 'green') and smoked rindless back bacon. Unsmoked has a milder taste and a paler look than its smoked sibling, and the two varieties generally have a similar popularity in the UK. In the USA, however, almost all bacon is smoked and if you're aiming for an all-American flavour then that should be your choice. The Americans may not even recognise unsmoked bacon as 'bacon' - many refer to it instead as 'salt pork'. Whichever your choice, Benfell's bacon products are sure to win over your clients with their superior flavour and quality.

Quality Bacon Supplier in Sussex

As a bacon supplier and wholesaler for Sussex and Kent, Benfell have distributed smoked rindless bacon and back bacon to restaurants, hotels, fast food establishments and catering companies for over 40 years. As an independent, family-run business we have immense pride in our rich history of providing quality goods to the food industry. Distributing bacon and other wholesale food products to a diverse range of clients, including cafés, golf courses, mobile caterers, and bakery chains, our years of experience allow us to maintain the highest standards in the procurement, storage, sale, and distribution of our products. If you're looking for a reliable source of quality wholesale bacon at competitive prices, contact us today!