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Bonkers about Bacon - Bacon Distributors in Kent & Sussex

As a bacon supplier and wholesaler for Sussex and Kent, Benfell have distributed wholesale smoked rindless bacon as well as back bacon to restaurants, fast food establishments and catering companies for over 40 years. As such, it's fair to say we're fans – and we've collected a few interesting facts about one of the nation's favourite foods.

Hard Truths about Soft Drinks

As one of the leading drinks suppliers and distributors in Kent and the greater London region, we’re well versed in what is popular with our clients and aim to provide a broad range of fizzy favourites.

UK Grocery Wholesale Sales Hit £30bn

It was a phenomenal year for wholesale foods in 2015 with sales hitting £30bn, and grocery think-tank IGC predicted further growth of over 1.3% in the next 5 years.

Will Brexit Affect Food Prices?

Food prices are declining, and saw their biggest decline in more than a year in June, where prices fell 0.8%. Will 'Brexit' make them rise again?