Hard Truths about Soft Drinks

Just-drinks released an interesting article earlier this year detailing some of the soft drink trends that will be shaping up for the year ahead. As one of the leading drinks suppliers and distributors in Kent and the greater London region, we’re well versed in what is popular with our clients and aim to provide a broad range of fizzy favourites.

Soft drink distributors in the UK can relax

Not Getting Canned

Soft drink distributors in the UK can relax a little, as despite the uncertainty we’re witnessing with changes like Brexit and a variable market, the volumes of drink sales are likely to continue on a upward trend. This is disregarding product changes and the monumental rise or energy drinks – the brands you know and love are likely to continue to increase with the same ~3% growth that we saw in 2016.

Keeping Healthy

Hydration and sugar levels are always a concern when it comes to the content of soft drinks. The BBC revealed last year that it is in fact Ginger Beer that has the most sugar content, with Coca Cola appearing comparatively low on the list. However, big brands will always be hit the hardest, with low-calorie products becoming more popular and a holistic rise in available flavours, sizes, and types (smartwater and other mineral fluids have risen in popularity this year).

As a reliable soft drink distributor in the UK, along with the typical favourites, at Benfell we stock a number of alternatives, including juices and cartons, all designed to provide a viable alternative should you not be after slightly more sugary treats. If you want to find out more about the wide range of wholesale drinks, soft drinks and juices that we have available at Benfell Ltd then don't hesitate to check out our online catalogue, or alternatively you can easily get in touch with us to find out up to date prices and any new ranges that have yet to be added to our website by competing our online contact form, by sending us an email to sales@benfells.lls.com, or alternatively call us on 01273 833641 where a friendly member of the team will be happy to help you with your enquiry and can even take your order.