UK Grocery Wholesale Sales Hit £30bn

It was a phenomenal year for wholesale foods in 2015 with sales hitting £30bn, and grocery think-tank IGC predicted further growth of over 1.3% in the next 5 years. The biggest driver of this growth has primarily come from the foodservice market, but if you think 1.3% growth in 5 years is conservative, then how about £56.3bn.

What the experts say...

This is the number some experts are putting on the foodservice sector for 2019. This presents a golden opportunity to capitalise on the growth by taking advantage of new clients that have found a new home in the foodservice sector. It will be key to be able to provide quality and service to a high standard in order to be a recipient of new contract negotiations that will take place over the next 5 years.

Has technology helped?

Part of this growth actually comes from the consumer. In order for foodservice to grow as much as it has, it requires the average consumer to increase their demand. Thankfully, technology has been a huge factor in the growth of foodservice. With apps like JustEat and Hungry House, it is easier than ever to order a range of cooked cuisine straight to your door, like never before. No longer do you have to dig out menus, and pay in cash, all that is require is a login, reorder and pay with prefilled card details. This explosion has meant that orders from food wholesalers has grown, particularly to restaurants.