Will Brexit Affect Food Prices?

Food prices

Food prices are declining, and saw their biggest decline in more than a year in June, where prices fell 0.8% according to the British Retail Consortium. Deflation which has hit the food industry moved to 2% year-on-year which has meant plenty of shoppers have benefited from the decline in food prices in their shopping budget.

A price increase could be due...

The much talked about Brexit could have a large number or unintended consequences. We simply don't know yet what the long term impact of Brexit will have, but there is one simple calculation that can tell us what the short term impact will be - exchange rates.

Soon after the Brexit the value of the pound collapsed against the Euro and US dollar. This simply means our pound will buy less from abroad then it did, and essentially means more pounds need to spent acquiring food from abroad.Costs that will no doubt be passed onto the consumer. This is quite a big deal as 40% of food we consume is imported.

The flipside?

Should Brexit prove to be costly for importers, we start to see more locally grown produce, which isn't a bad thing, unless you absolutely must have pineapples and papaya. Although low food prices is generally a good thing for shoppers, it does put an enormous strain on supermarkets that quite often work in negative margins, and discount stores such as Aldi and Lidl have these sorts of marketplaces sewn up. Other supermarkets like Waitrose that don't compete on price (within reason) but compete on quality, range and locality may actually benefit as their exposure to exchange rate fluctuations is less.

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